Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Capsule So Far...

So, there have been a few hiccups. I realize what people are saying - when you live in a climate with 4 seasons, it can be difficult. The temps here have been anywhere from feeling like fall to 90+ degrees. Also, I started on a new diet and exercise regimen, and now none of my pants for work fit anymore. So I'm not sure I'll be able to make it to November before buying new ones. I also have been looking in my closet and thinking that I had some really great clothes, and was I ever going to get a chance to wear them again? Or would they "not make the cut"?

I was searching, searching for someone who lived in a climate more like mine (not Texas, no LA) that has done a capsule wardrobe. I found one lady. Her workaround was that she made a capsule wardrobe for the entire year. There was no switching out. Every few months she could change out some clothes if she felt necessary, but overall keep the same number of clothes. I thought that was an interesting idea.

The blog post here is from a woman who lives in Ohio. She had done a capsule wardrobe for spring and summer and done well, but was having difficulty when it got to fall. Because she just couldn't always do the temperature swings. And, truly, there are some things that just are good year round.

So, I'm trying to figure out how to better make this work for me. I've thought about just putting all of my current clothes into a capsule. One that includes work and play. And see how many items we are talking about. Then go from there. Keep a budget for how much money to spend on my clothes in a year, and make purchases as I go. If I buy something, something else has to go. There may be a few exceptions to that rule, but it will keep you from getting waaaay too many things. and it makes you look at your prospective purchase in a different light.

For now, I will continue on with my current capsule. But things may change a bit here in the next few months... we'll just have to see.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week Three

Tuesday for work - tan wool pants, brown flats, and white Tshirt

Wednesday for work - black plaid pants, grey houndstooth seater, black flats

Friday - Blue chinos, green polk-a-dot tshirt, gray cardigan, brown flats

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week Two

Going to the farmer's market - Jag shorts, white t-shirt and brown Toms

Saturday night - Miracle Body capris, black and white polka dot shirt, black Sperrys

Church on Sunday - navy dress & brown flats

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Week One

So, I only have one good picture. I know that is terrible, and I will try to have more next time, but it took me a few days to get the lighting down. I leave for work often before the sun is up, so trying to find a spot in my house can be difficult. So, without further ado, there is what I've got for the first week:

Purple sweater, tan wool pants, brown flats, black and white polka dot top

Black flats, leggings, gray Nic & Zoe sweater with mint top
Capsule week 1 and I have survived. We'll see how things go from here:)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fall Capsule So Far...

So... we are two days in and I've already made some interesting discoveries. Of course, my capsule started on what is, perhaps, the hottest week of the whole summer. It was a high of 101* today. Yowza. And though I incorporated a few warm weather items in my fall capsule, I was not really prepared for THAT. In the future, I may have to start the fall capsule on September 15th, or perhaps even October 1. I forget how hot September can be. But by the end of the month is is solidly fall, usually. It's that shoulder month.

I also realized that I have no brown flats. Which is problematic since I have two brown pairs of dress pants (of 4) in my capsule. My brown Toms are nice, but have seen better days. And the brown houndstooth Toms with the houndstooth brown pants is a little too much houndstooth I think.

I know that I said once the capsule started you were not allowed to change anything. But I don't think I have much of a choice. It has become readily apparent that I am not very good with this... haha:)

So, without further ado, I will present to you, my fall capsule, as it currently stands (and hopefully will continue to stand until December 1).

Casual Bottoms (7)

  • Miracle Body skinny jeans from D.Diff
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Miracle Body black leggings from D.Diff
  • Navy blue chinos from Banana Republic
  • Miracle Body ankle length jeans from D.Diff
  • Jag jean shorts from D.Diff
  • Jag bermuda shorts from D.Diff
Dress Pants (3)
  • brown houndstooth
  • dark gray plaid
  • tan wool
Dresses (2)
  • navy dress from Stitch Fix
  • Black dress from Augusta
Casual Sweaters (3)
  • Black and Red Nic & Zoe sweater from D.Diff
  • Long red and blue Cabi sweater
  • Navy Blue Cabi sweater
Shirts (9)
  • Green polka dot t-shirt from D.Diff
  • Black polka dot t-shirt from D.Diff
  • Gray long sleeved t-shirt from D.Diff
  • White short sleeved t-shirt from Banana Republic
  • White 3/4 sleeved t-shirt from D.Diff
  • Blue & white striped shirt from Stitch Fix
  • Navy, orange and white striped shirt from Ann Taylor
  • Chambray shirt by Lucky from D.Diff
  • White tank top
Work tops (6)
  • Purple cardigan from Banana Republic
  • Gray and silver houndstooth sweater from Banana Republic
  • Gray Nic & Zoe Sweater with mint green t-shirt from D.Diff
  • Gray cardigan from D.Diff
  • Tan & white striped longer sweater from D.Diff
  • Orange Nic & Zoe shirt
Shoes (7)
  • black Puma flats
  • brown Corso Como flats from D.Diff
  • Brown Toms
  • Toms boots
  • tall black boots
  • Snake skin wedges
  • Black Sperrys
Outerwear (4)
  • Orange puffy vest from Lands End
  • Brown trench coat from Eddie Bauer
  • Black toggle coat
  • North Face fleece
That is slightly different than my original plan, but includes 41 items. This does not include Ohio State or Nebraska t-shirts, which will obviously need to be worn on game days, etc... :)

We'll see how I do. This has been hard and it is only the second day... I'm going to try to take some pictures of the different outfits so you can see how I try to pair the different pieces together.