Friday, March 25, 2011


I thought it was supposed to be spring. This cold weather can go away as soon as it would like. Oh well, at least we didn't get snow like some people did...

My husband came home from Florida yesterday with a black eye from playing basketball. I told him it looked like he had purple eye shadow on one eye. Haha:)

 No big plans for the weekend. Went to High Beck last night for dinner/drinks. The clientele was colorful as always.

This man's hat was amazing. Feathers in EACH side. He's just chillaxin'...

I will get my windows painted this weekend. I'm tired of working on it in bits and pieces. They will be painted before April comes around.  Also, I'm having all my fellow first year Ophthoalmology residents and their significant others over for dinner tomorrow. That makes for 9, maybe 10 people for dinner. I did not really think about the number when I invited people, but Charlie and I may need to get creative with seating arrangements. It will be fun, I'll post pictures later.

I liked how the champagne flutes looked - the reflection is so cool:)

Finally got the other lens for my camera. Now I can take pictures in sunlight and in darkness:)

"Our life, if we take it seriously, is a work of art that is ours for the making." 
- Heidegger

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Tammie said...

WE got snow!!! BOO! The forecast has snow next Wed-Friday too....I need to make some spring inside.