Sunday, June 12, 2011

Landscaping, DONE!

Since this is our last weekend at home for quite awhile, we devoted ourselves to getting the finishing touches on the landscaping done. And I finally have photos of all of our hard work coming together:) We will likely end up doing more planting next year, but we did quite a bit this year and I want to see how things do and how they look next year. I don't want to overplant, so next year we can fill in the gaps as needed.

First thing was first. Yesterday we cleaned out all the brush and weeds and crap that were growing on the side of our house. We cleared it all and then put in a little stone path. On the end you can see we removed one of the planks from our fence, that's so we can have a hose on both sides of the fence. Now we can water our plants out front without having to make 500 trips with a watering can.

Also in the front, I wanted to post a picture of the very front bed. We finished planting this early this week. There is some woodland phlox - that is what most of it is. I'm hoping that next year it will fill in and sort of start to drape over the front of the bed. In the very front are some annuals that our neighbor Don down the street gave us. He is a huge gardener and is always giving stuff out like that, They have pretty purple flowers on them.

This is Charlie's vegetable garden, which is doing better than I think either of us really thought it would. We may even have some vegetables this year. But I don't want to speak too hastily. At least the basil is doing well, I love pesto in the summer time:)

This is the backyard without all of the crap all over it. Nice and peaceful, which is what I was going for.

I also swept out the area next to the house. I don't know if I've ever done that since we've moved in. It looks a lot better though.

Thank goodness it cooled off. It was so hot in our house and the a/c is broken. Someone is coming by next week to look at it, and it looks like it's going to stay pretty cool until then, so I think I'll make it:)

That's all for today. I just wanted to post some pictures of the final product of our landscaping. We're going to go brew some beer now. A nice summer ale. You all should come visit so you can try some:)


Tammie said...

Everything looks wonderful! Good job, I like what you planted in the front and the two side areas of your house look so much better. The back little vegtable garden looks great!

Augusta said...

Looks great! Must be a relief to have it completed. The ale sounds very promising! Right not we're drinking a grapefruit and ginger summer ale. It's pretty good, but strange. See you soon!

KB said...

Ooo, that does sound interesting, Gusta! I was thinking of you today on the summer solstice. I miss you all the way in Tulsa! Move closer!

Tammie said...

Everything looks great, I love the wall! Simply beautiful.