Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This past weekend Charlie and I drove to Skaneateles, NY to see one of our very best friends get married. Katie and Tyler live in Skaneateles and got married on top of a beautiful hill overlooking Lake Skaneateles on a beautiful day.

Ceremony Site

Reception Tent

Table Settings

Bella, the flower dog, was super cute

So pretty!

It's official!
Happy Couple!

The UofR contingent + Tyler - we're only mising Alex and Andrew

It really was such perfect weather. It got a little cold when the sun went down, but if you were dancing or sitting near the heat lamps it was no big deal. Tyler did most of the planning (he's like that) and he did a great job.

We all rented a house instead of getting hotel rooms since Skaneateles does not really have big hotels. It was perfect too! It was as cheap if not cheaper than a hotel and it was gorgeous! There was plenty of room for everyone and we then had a place to go to after the bars closed:)

It is always good to see our college friends. One thing I have definitely learned as I've gotten older is that people come and go in your life more than you think they will when you're younger. When you're younger you think that every friend should be a forever friend. As you get older you realize that you can't keep in contact with that many people. It is just not possible. Between work and family and life your time is limited. There are a lot of people that you will not keep in contact with over the years. It doesn't mean that they were not your friend or that you don't love them. It just is the way that it is. Then there are friends that are your forever friends. The ones that know and love you for you. These are my forever friends. The ones that knew me before Charlie, that let me cry on their shoulder when I broke up with Adam. That watched me fall in love with Charlie. They celebrated with me when I got into medical school, and talked to me on the phone and listened to me cry when I moved to Columbus and away from Charlie and all of them. They danced with me at my wedding, and I will dance with them at theirs. They have seen me at my worst and loved me despite that. I feel very lucky to have them, and am very grateful to be able to see them as much as I do.

It was interesting to see Katie get married. I was there the night she met Tyler in Syracuse. Shared in her excitement the next day that she had met a boy that she liked so much after Dan had broken her heart. Being there and watching them get married made me feel like we were really getting older, growing up some more.

That is all the sentimentality I have for now. I'm excited to see my forever friends again in February when two more of them get married in Puerto Rico:)

"The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend."
Henry David Thoreau 


Tammie said...

Beautiful pictures! You are right, hold on to these friends. Even if sometime in the future you lose contact, when you find them again it will be like it always was. They are the ones who know what your hopes and dreams are, they are the ones who share your values. That is how I feel about Karen and Cindy. They knew me when I was young and idealistic.

AE said...

It made me get all teary-eyed. You're so very lucky to have friends like these.