Monday, August 12, 2013

New Beginnings

Back to this blog for a short (I hope) post. I'm sitting at one of my best friend's kitchen tables right now, thinking about everything that has happened and will happen in the next few weeks. It's been a crazy time. As most of you know, since I think only about 3 people read this, the follow up from my last post was not as Charlie and I would have hoped. I had a miscarriage in Ulan-Ude Russia, which went about as well as can be expected. We were fortunately able to finish the trip, and I'm feeling back to normal now except for the fact that a 2 mile run damn near kills me.

We got back to Columbus late last Thursday night, and have spent the last 3 days saying goodbye to many very special people. Max and Ellen, Billy and Nicole, Dominic and Katie. Shane and Sireesha are already gone to Wooster and starting their new life. It has been sort of bittersweet to be back. It is so good to see everyone one last time, but there is a finality to it. Being here without a house saying goodbye to everyone, I think it's been hard on both of us.

But I know that it must be done. Staying in Columbus was never the right decision for us, even though we love it so much. There are no jobs for Charlie and no good ones for me. Everyone in Nebraska is very excited about us coming, and it feels good to finally be moving to a place that it feels like we can put down some roots if we want.

So today, after my Ob/Gyn appointment, we head off. To Iowa City tonight, Omaha tomorrow for a few days, and then North Platte on Thursday so that we can close on our house. Hopefully our things come soon. And hopefully the transition to being an attending goes smoothly. It's nerve wracking, but there is only one thing to do... jump on in:)

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Tammie said...

As I read your blog it impacts my heart too that you have left Columbus. You have weathered all this change much better than I would have been able to at your age. I am always in awe of your strength and courage. I am reading this after you have found out about your furniture, but also after the kindness of the people in North Platte. I hope that you and Charlie find your place there, and that you can put down deep roots.