Thursday, June 18, 2015

Six Months

My little boy is six months old now. Hard to believe sometimes, but then I think about all the life ahead of him and it seems like this time is so short an insignificant to him. But it means a great deal to me. He has changed me in a way that I don't think I could put into words if I tried.

He's down to waking up twice during the night. So we are making progress, albeit slow. He is eating solid food, and as long as there is applesauce and/or pears involved, he will eat almost anything. He's sitting up now, but still topples over if he gets too excited about something or tries to reach for something. He loves to bounce. He could bounce all day I think.

He's got two little teeth coming in on the bottom. And they really haven't seemed to bother him. They are getting sharp, so we have to be careful when we let him chew on our fingers now.

We drove all the way to Ohio and back with him and he really was good as gold. As good as anyone could expect a six month old baby to be in the car for 16 hours over two days.

We're leaving for Iceland in three weeks. I am interested to see how the trip will go and how different it will be traveling with him. It will be different for sure, but I'm hoping it is still enjoyable and fun. I think it will be.

Sigh. I'm sure we will be celebrating his 1st birthday before I even know what is happening.

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Tammie said...

So happy to read this post. It does change you-- motherhood and it is hard to tell someone what that means, hard to put words to it. So much joy ahead of you!