Saturday, March 11, 2017

My week in outfits...

So, my pictures of all my outfits for the past week. I have one more week to go before I have the two weeks for the Curated Closet's first exercise.

The only two outfits that really stick out to me are the "out to dinner" one in the first montage, because I was excited that I found a camisole to go underneath my white cable knit sweater that I liked, and that I liked how the boots looked. And the "Gothenburg clinic" one in the second montage, because again, I found a way to style the cable knit sweater that I really liked.

She also had us go through lots of pictures of different outfits online and see what kinds of things we like or are drawn to. Then look through them and make some observations. I did this last weekend while Charlie was gone. This is what my worksheet looked like:

Overall Vibe: sporty and comfortable at home, preppy and professional at work
Items: Skinny jeans, trousers, ankle pants, jeans. Chambray shirts, chunky sweaters, crew neck sweaters, sandals, sneakers, flats
Colors: Navy blue, denim, black, grey, camel, red, coral, stripes, blues in general
Silhouettes: Open cardigan, layers, skinny jeans with loose top/sweater, blazers, palazzo pants, puffy vests, chambray shirts
Materials: Cotton, wool, lace detailing, denim
Styling: layers, natural makeup, simple jewelry

A few observations - I actually  had a lot less color and statement jewelry than I thought I would have. I don't know if this is because my overall style is changing a bit, or because that is what I like on other people, but on me is a different story. I liked a lot of outfits that had a pop of color, but not necessarily a lot of color. Like coral shorts with an chambray shirt and brown sandals. I had a lot of palazzo pants in there, actually, which I also thought was interesting. But they fit and look similar to the linen pants that I've had since high school that I love and are unfortunately starting to wear out in the crotch.

I have one more week of keeping track of my outfits. Then there are some questions to answer about that. The next step is to go to a big department store or mall and try on literally everything. And not buy one piece. The idea is to see what you like. What looks good on you. What outfit combinations you actually really like on you, and what silhouettes are flattering to you. She gives you a list of different styles to try out. 

Since North Platte has just a million different stores to shop at <ahem> yeah right <ahem>, I'm hoping to take an afternoon while we are in Palm Springs and go to the mall and do some of this. Charlie seemed supportive, especially when I told him that my job was to go and try a bunch of stuff on but that there was a strict rule to not buy anything, haha.

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