Sunday, April 3, 2016

Simplifying Life

So, I ran across this website when I was visiting one of my favorite capsule wardrobe bloggers website (here). It is an interesting idea. Basically you pay $5 per month, and they build capsule wardrobes for you. They supposedly take information about your style, your color preferences and what you do in a typical week, and then they build a capsule. You tell them what you already have, then they tell you what you need to be on the lookout for.

I haven't really done a great job thus far in creating or maintaining my capsule wardrobes. I find it incredibly difficult. And, if I'm perfectly honest, a little bit boring. Many would argue that is because I am not including clothes that I can mix and match enough, and that I'm not including clothes that I really, truly love. I think there is probably some truth to that. I can remember probably a handful of pieces that I've owned that I really loved. And all of them I wore more than once a week until they completely wore out. One was a lime green sweater that I got at a clothing shop in Fayetteville, AR. Mom encouraged me to get it, and I thought it was too much money. It was something like $100 or something. But it was unique, the color looked great on me, and I wore that thing OUT. Totally worth the money. I also got an asymmetric turquoise dress that day. I also thought it cost too much. But I've worn it all over the world because it packs so well, and I still own that dress. I can probably even wear it pregnant, though I'm not sure how nice the sleeveless thing will look with the extra 30 pounds.

And I think that it is really, really hard to truly try to "live simply". To try to focus your energy on what you really need and not what you want, and to clear out those things in your life that don't bring you joy. Because there is so much more room for happiness and contentment when you clear all the clutter from your life. I truly believe that. But in our society today that is just so hard to do. Everywhere you look there are subliminal messages telling you how happy you will be if you just spend money on this or that.

If you watch the intro video on Cladwell website, they will tell you that in the 1930's the average woman owned 36 items of clothing. Thirty-six. Clothes were more expensive back then, so you didn't get to own a ton of clothes. But as we continue to make cheaper and cheaper clothes, we buy more and more. "Oh, well, it was $7! Can you believe it?! How could you say no?" Well, because it doesn't fit well, isn't made well, and you don't even really like it. I can't even tell you how many pieces of clothing I had that I had barely worn. And that is what retailers want. They want you to buy more and more and more. Now the average is 110. I have no idea how many items I have, but I can imagine that even after a closet cleanout I may have close to that number.

Last year Charlie and I both cleaned out our closets. And we made awesome progress. But I still have probably too many clothes. And too many "things" in general.

So I am contemplating trying this service. For $60 a year I think it may be worth it. At least until I can figure out what I really need on my own. If I decide to try it out, I'll let you know how it goes :)

P.S. If any of you are interested, if I send you an invite and you sign up, we both get a $5 credit, so let me know :)

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