Thursday, April 14, 2011


Orange Daylilies
Bleeding Heart
I have been getting so frustrated by everything. Which frustrates me more. The weather is finally getting nice, and I have been looking forward to doing some landscaping since last summer, and now that the time is here, I feel as though I do not have any time whatsoever to do it. Which irritates me to no end. I have my exam this Saturday, but then after that I need to start working on my research paper which is due at the end of May. And every single weekend from  here until June is occupied. Which I would not change for the world. My in-laws and my parents will be in town - I haven't seen them since the holidays and I am very excited for them to come and visit with us, I have graduation parties, weekend call, Charlie needs to stay in Florida for a weekend and then we're going to Peru which will take up two more weekends. None of that would I change - my family is always more important than a stupid garden anyways. However, it was all making me feel overwhelmed, which was making me mad, which in the end is all ridiculous anyways.

Amethyst Astilbe

Common Monkshood
I was talking to Charlie on the phone last night about it, when I realized - this does not have to be stressful. It should not be stressful. I need to set boundaries and then keep them. I want to do some landscaping. Now, it does not need to be the Taj Mahal of landscaping, and, quite honestly, if I want to do a perennial garden like I was saying, then probably it is better to slowly plant things throughout the spring and early summer so that in the end I will have something that will be blooming from spring until fall. I just need to make time to do it. Why do I need to spend an entire day? When I get home early I can work on the walls. It is light out until 8pm or later now. The walls will get built, the compost will get delivered, it will be OK. And it defeats the purpose if it makes me crazy and frustrated.

Geranium Karmina

Crocosmia Lucifer
 So, in that spirit I got on American Meadows last night and, lo' and behold, they had some of the bulbs and stuff that I wanted to plant this spring on sale! Yay! Now they said that the things I bought are bulbs and roots to be planted in the spring. We'll see if they bloom this year or not, but I'm hoping they at least take and we will have something pretty next year. I was unsure about buying plants online. I thought those might be better to get from a local nursery.

I wonder if I could ever have a garden without the orange daylilies. I don't think so. They are a huge part of what I remember from my childhood, and having them in my garden makes me incredibly happy.

"Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world."
- Virgil A. Kraft


AE said...

It's funny that I thought to check this right now and you just posted! I will say, gardening is tough. I'd done 8 hours the weekend before last, after buying $350 worth of perennials (mostly bulbs, some plants) and such at a local nursery. My arm muscles looked wicked awesome for a week after that. I believe I have quite a bit more time on my hands than you do though, so I was able to spare the time. I put in lilies and more lilies and more lilies, I think three different types. I already have orange lilies in the back, so I opted for some shorter red ones, and some taller pink/orange/etc colored ones this time for the front. I would have to agree about having orange lilies though. I also put in some lilies of the valley in a shady part with ferns. These are suppose to come up, but the ferns have not made a showing yet. The rest seem to have started coming up. I also planted gladiolas, which haven't started to emerge yet either. The blooming time is suppose to be scattered, and I have some survivalist mums that I hope make it through the summer to bloom again this fall. I had a hard time at first coming up with what I'd do, but once I set down and drew out the beds, I was able to lay out the look I wanted for the beds. Then I measured before I went to the store so I could calculate how many bulbs I'd need based on how far apart they needed to be planted. If you go on Breck's online, they'll tell you what zone you're in and what plants perenialize well in your area too. You may know all this already, but I thought it might make the planning easier. I also think that your planting season for spring goes into June, it'll say online, which surprised me, but it's true, so maybe you can still plant these things once you're done with your paper in June. Obviously, things that bloom in early summer may not be the best to plant then, but maybe the things that bloom in late summer and into fall would be good. The things that bloom in early spring I think get planted in the fall. Talk about waiting for your work to pay off! Now I'm just babbling...I should get to studying some more for my toxicology exam I have tomorrow. I love you! I hate being frustrated too...except I usually throw a tantrum, like tossing a binder across a room, haha! That never ends well. Good luck on your exam Saturday and on your research paper. Sounds just delectable...not, but I can't say much...I have finals in a week!

Tammie said...

Beautiful pictures! We are happy to help when we are down at the end of April :)!

Tammie said...

Also happy always to hear of positive childhood memories. I have so many wonderful memories of your childhood too :).