Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is HERE!!!


There won't be too many words today. I should be studying for my exam on Saturday. Tonight my goal is to finish pediatrics and start on Optics. Last minute studying is the way to go anyways...

Spring is finally here in Columbus, OH. I am calling it that, anyways. The trees are blooming and everything is starting to grow. It's so exciting! This winter has seemed especially long. I'm not sure why. This weekend was gorgeous! And we took full advantage of it! We slept in until approximately 11:30 on Saturday (love doing that) and then got started. We went to Home Depot and started buying. Charlie had been wanting a fire pit for awhile, so we decided to get the stuff to do it, since we found an instructional website that didn't seem to difficult. As always, it was harder than it looked online, but I think the finished product is pretty nice.

That was pretty much all we got done on Saturday, since we had tickets to see the Sabres play the Blue Jackets here in Columbus (Sabres won, yay!). That night we tried out our new fire pit. It only took a few tries and a little bit of internet searching to get it going...

Sunday was more productive. We started in on the retaining walls for the gardens. The front beds went first. It is more work than you might think. But, we got the first part of the front bed done, and I think it will go faster now that we know what we are doing.

My peonies are getting bigger by the day, too!
That night we went for a walk around German Village. I'll end with some pictures from that walk - so pretty!

I think I've decided that I can never live somewhere without spring. Something about spring just makes everything seem better.

"My favorite weather is bird chirping weather."
- Terri Guillemets


Tammie said...

Beautiful pictures, I am especially heartened that you took a picture of a church :). Also, a big picture of the great fire pit. When we get our patio done, I'll ask for the link. I think Dad and I can do that.

KB said...

You definitely can do it, it was not that hard. The hardest part is making the circle the right size.

AE said...

Spring! Gotta love it, I'm glad its decided to come your way finally! We need some water here, but its chuggin' along. It looks beautiful there. The fire pit is great!