Friday, March 16, 2012

Early Spring

The weather has been so nice, it's been impossible to be in a bad mood!

Our lanterns outside

The ducks have returned to Schiller Park!

So crazy, by mid summer this little island looks like a jungle!

Trees are blooming already

I will be sad to leave Columbus some day...

In our own garden the crocuses have already bloomed. The daffodils, tulips, lilac and hyacinth are on their way, and the peonies, lillies, and bleeding heart have already started to poke their little heads out. Our vegetables are inside still, but lettuce, cucumber, peppers, basil, squash, and tomatoes have already started to sprout.

Here's to spring, the most wonderful time of the year!:)

"Our journey as human beings is not about following a pre-ordained path, but about creating that path. Life rarely makes any more sense when things are done 'in order'. Life makes sense when we are centered in our own hearts and we let go of resisting how our unique journey needs to unfold in its own beautifully unruly way."
- Christine Mason Miller


Tammie said...

The pictures are wonderful! I have only planted some tomatoes and eggplant last week, so no sprouts yet. We just walked the yard and everything is coming up here too! I love the quote at the end of your post!

AE said...

Goose pimples and tears, I love feeling close to you even if just for a moment.