Saturday, April 15, 2017

Costa Rica 10x10 Challenge

Two posts in as many days, how about that?

As is the case with many frustrations, I woke up this morning with a sunnier outlook. Several of my favorite capsule wardrobe/minimalist bloggers have begun to occasionally do something called a 10x10 challenge. Basically you are challenged to wear only 10 articles of clothing for 10 days. You pick the articles ahead of time, then see what kind of fun you can have. PJs, underwear, jewelry, and workout wear are not included.

I've never joined in because I find it hard to mix my work and weekend clothes into 10 items I can realistically use/wear.

BUT, we're leaving for Costa Rica tomorrow. I decided to try a 10x10 challenge while we're gone. I think we're only technically gone for 8 days, but that's OK. It's a 10x8 challenge for me I guess ;-)

So, below you will see my 10 items that I'm bringing to Costa Rica with me:

Tops: chambray shirt, white tank, and my black Evolve top from Encircled.
Bottoms: printed shorts, bermuda jean shorts, navy linen pants, white skinny jeans
Dress: My JAG chambray dress from D. Diff
Shoes: TOMS wedges and black Birkenstocks

I did not include: my bathing suit, a cover up, a pair of PJs, a pair of scrubs, and my OR shoes in this count. But I think it looks pretty good! All the pieces mix and match well for the most part and it should cover most of my bases.

I figure the most important thing is for me to bring a bathing suit and my scrubs. So if I feel like I have nothing to wear other times, who cares. And with the average high about 95*F and low around 77*F, I don't have to worry too much about variations in climate.

I'm excited to see how it goes. If I get a chance I'll take some pictures of the different outfits I make and we'll see how it goes!

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Tammie said...

Love that you kept those cute shorts! I have been doing much of the same thing, going through everything and really taking a hard look at what looks good on me and what I like. I got a trunk not too long ago with pants and none of them were good. They are often miles too big in the hips. I found some pants at Talbots and bought a couple of pair. I too am weeding out all my capris in favor of ankle pants and shorts or skirts. Capris don't look that hot on me. In that same Trunk with no good pants, she sent like 5 dresses, one dress made me look like a sausage in a casing. That is what I said in the comment section. They were all size 12 and so too big in the top in terms of length. The next batch she sent I could have kept 5 dresses. I actually kept 3, and I liked all 7 of them so much more than the first. The pants she resorted to jeans again which I don't need, so I sent them all back. Then two Spanx camisoles that were like fighting a battle of epic proportions to get on. Seriously. I thought I was stuck in one and my circulation from just above my boobs was cut off. hahaha!