Sunday, April 23, 2017

Professional Work Wear

So, before I get into the meat of this. My Costa Rica 10x10 challenge went great. But it sort of felt like cheating bc the three days that I went to the OR I didn't wear anything other than my scrubs, lol. But, I did wear each piece and I didn't feel like I was lacking anything, so I'l take it for a win.

We recently decided to get matching embroidered scrubs for all the technicians in the office, and matching polo shirts for the front office staff. I got myself a pair of scrubs embroidered as well, but in a different color. I was toying around with the idea of just wearing embroidered scrubs to work every day. Some people do that. Ophthalmologists, as a general rule, are less likely to do this than other kinds of surgeons, but many people do this. I shied away from it because I was afraid it would look less professional. But, in my efforts to simplify things, a uniform that I wear to work would be very helpful. Not only would I not have to decide what to wear to work every day, but I also wouldn't have to worry about shopping for work clothes. Both are a plus in my book right now because I don't have time for either of those.

So, I was already going to get myself another pair. So I'm going to try it out and see what I think. I'm hoping I'll like it and I'll go that way. Asking around to other female colleagues, some say they don't like it bc they get confused with nurses. Others said that after they started to wear scrubs fewer people asked them how many surgeries they had done or if they were actually going to be the ones doing the surgery. So, we'll see...

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Tammie said...

Clothing wise it sounds like a win-win. Keep me updated!